The Infinite Realities Collection

The complete Infinite Realities collection is on display at Gallery North in Edmonds.

His Dark Materials and Related Images

Here are seven images inspired by the objects and the spirit of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy.

thumb of A Golden Compass

1. A Golden Compass

thumb of The Amber Eye

4. The Amber Eye

thumb of Lead Crystal Mandala

7. Lead Crystal Mandala

thumb of Subtle Cutting

2. Subtle Cutting

thumb of Intricacy

5. Intricacy

thumb of Gazing at Aurora

3. Gazing at Aurora

thumb of Trinket Ball

6. Trinket Ball

Chaotically Fractallicious!

Each of these images contains substantial fractal or chaotic components. In some cases, these are computer generated, in others they are natural (as in Labyrinth.

thumb of Singing Through Time

8. Singing Through Time

thumb of Labyrinth

11. Layrinth

thumb of Mountain View

14. Mountain View

thumb of Shimmerstar

17. Shimmerstar

thumb of Dance for Joy

9. Dance for Joy

thumb of Night Dncers

12. Night Dancers

thumb of Everywhere Spiral

15. Everywhere Spiral

thumb of Spring Herald

10. Spring Herald

thumb of Donut Evolutinl

13. Gluttony-Donut

thumb of Chaos Bouquet

16. Chaos Bouquet

Nature: Real and Imagined

Here is Here is living proff that simple mathematical rules underlie much of Nature's beauty.

thumb of Majestic

18.. Majestic

thumb of Tulip

21. Tulip

thumb of Martha Stewart's Chaos

24. Martha Stewart's Chaos

thumb of Mendenhall

19. Mendenhall

thumb of Sunset for Anna

22. Sunset for Anna

thumb of Crown of Spines

25. Crown of Spines

thumb of Shell Shock Dance

28. Shell Shock Dance

thumb of Pond and Ice

20. Pond and Ice

thumb of Hope's Glory

23. Hope's Glory

thumb of Sunset Stampede

26. Sunset Stampede

thumb of Topaze

27. Topaze

A Rose is a Rose

Roses have always seemed to open up new worlds to me. Intriate, bold and infinite all at once, who caan resist their allure?

thumb of Gift of the Rose

29. Gift of the Rose

thumb of Princess Rose

32. Princess Rose

thumb of Red Velvet

35. Red Velvet

thumb of Transformation

30. Transformation

thumb of Planet of the Rose

33. Planet of the Rose

thumb of Invitation

36. Invitation

thumb of Rose Impression

31. Rose Impression

thumb of Rose in Solitudel

34. Rose in Solitude


These ipieces share the common theme of exploration, whether of physical capability (the waterfall pictures), boundaries (Mountain Tops) or digital art.

thumb of Snoqualmie Falls in Summer

37. Snoqualmie Falls
in Summer

thumb of Circle Dance

40. Circle Dance

thumb of Lead Crystal Mandala

43. spirals of Beyond

thumb of Nisqually Falls in Autumn

38. Nisqually Falls
in Autumn

thumb of Mountain Tops

41. Mountain Tops

thumb of Reflection

44. Reflection

thumb of Distances

39. Distances

thumb of Head Streaming

42. Head Streaming

thumb of Temperance

45. Temperance