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    The Art of Anne Prather

    Anne Prather is a photographer and digital artist working in the Seattle area. Born blind, Anne wasn't able to see detail until a cataract operation restored sight to her left eye when she was 34 years old. Both her fractal art and her photography reflect her abiding sense of wonder at Nature and her love for Nature's God.

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    The Music of Aislinn the Bard

    Listen to samples from each of Aislinn's six recordings, learn about other people Aislinn has worked with and go to Aislinn's site

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    The Accidental Teacher

    Whenever Anne has learned to do something well, she's found herself teaching it. Math, Spanish, biology, and music have all benefitted from her unique style. Her Perfect Practice method has yielded impressive results in all these areas.

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    The Writing Life

    Anne has been writing remarkably consistently since she was 11 years old. She has sold articles to small magazines and has edited conference abstracts. Here you can read Anne's novel exerpts, stories, and non-fiction.

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    The Curmudgin's Life

    So what do you do when you have deeply analytical opinions about everything? You write a blog, of course. Or maybe two or three blogs. Or perhaps you procrastinate about starting blogs, waiting for some mysterious ideal time to display your curmudgin status for all to see.


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    All About Star Rose Arts

    Here is the story of how this site came to be, including the story of Anne's journey into sight.


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    All That's New

    We like to keep visitors updated about what's going on at SRA. We'll let you know where you can find our art, music and other stuff.


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    Design Philosophy and Projects

    Years of learning how to see have made Anne very aware of design issues. On these pages you'll find out about all her design projects. You will also be able to read her articles.


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    These are the products we produce and the places where you can buy them.


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    How To Contact Us

    Here are the links that will let you find Anne on email or on Facebook.