NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

Nano Anne Prather

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to tell stories. She liked to lie in bed at night and imagine worlds full of space heroes and other fools...planets full of interesting flowers...and ordinary people who did extraordinary things.

She wrote her first novel in 1980 while a sophomore at Wheaton College. But after that, she was distracted by marriage and other things. She didn't write another novel until...

...she found a copy of Chris Baty's book in a Denver bookstore. Desperate to write fiction, she began her first 30-day quest, even though everyone else was out enjoying the summer, and even though it was three months until National Novel Writing Month.

She has never looked back.

2008 winner badge nanowrimo

Campaign Sequence, November 2008

Synopsis: Back from her mission to the Gallinul, Starmaster Silverhawk finds herself at loose ends. But the Imperial Fleet soon finds her work in its speakers' bureau, extolling the virtues of Fleet life to new graduates of flight schools throughout the Thousand Worlds. And political operatives deep in the Imperial capital are launching the idea of having Silverhawk run for one of 25 "at-large" seats in Parliament. But Silverhawk soon finds that the issues facing Starmasters are more than politics can handle. And when a terrible accident destroys her ship, she finds herself engaged in a battle for her life, her sanity—and the very existence of the Radiant Empire.

2009 nanowrimo winner badge

Queen's Rising, November 2009

Synopsis: Nathan Sajalio has served the United Imperial shipping line for nearly 150 years. But age and discouragement have taken their toll, and Nathan finds himself struggling to fly safely. Desperate to save his career, he seeks a new ship and a relationship with his niece, the child Marelie Sajalio-Dyaz. Seventeen years later, Nathan is plying the dangerous reaches beyond the borders of the Thousand Worlds and Marelie is just beginning her career as a Starmaster. But she soon finds that work isn't easy to come by, and just as she is about to give up, Nathan goes missing. Marelie launches a search for him, accompanied by the sadistic navigator Enricque Malvaux. Soon she finds herself in a fight for her freedom against her navigator while in the far distance her beloved uncle is in mortal danger.

As tension mounts, Marelie comes to understand that her success will depend on self-knowledge and sheer will power. A gripping coming-of-age novel set in the mystic panorama of the Thousand Worlds.